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Jenny Trott

Virtual Assistant

About Me

I have nearly 30 years of experience working in small business and the care sector. Most recently I managed a 24 employee social enterprise.


Wise people say that the things you do that make you lose sense of time passing are the things you should never let go. So, although I am now retraining as a Life Coach my Virtual Assistant work enables me to continue with my passion to support small business owners. 

I have experienced the overwhelm that goes with the territory of running your own business. The feeling that you can never quite get on top of all the jobs, that nothing gets done perfectly and that you need to be an expert at everything.

I am here to take just one of those things off your hands. I am no Fairy Godmother but I can support you with your day to day admin, design and website tasks. I want to get to know your business so that I can represent your passion with mine.

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