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Do you have questions?

Image by Mona Eendra


Is coaching the same as therapy?

No, coaching is not therapy. Coaching offers a different kind of support. It looks forward, focussing on goals and supporting you to identify and achieve your ambitions. Therapy and counselling are there to support your mental health. They tend to look at your past, help you understand your feelings and learn how to recognise and solve your problems.


Can we meet in person?

No, I currently don't offer in-person coaching.

I make it very easy to work with me. You will be able to attend a virtual meeting in your own home, at a time that suits you. I'll ask you to find a space away from children and other distractions for the call but this will hopefully be only for about 60 minutes at a time!


How much does it cost?

Pay what you can. 

 Your initial Taster conversation is free. As a coach, I am currently undergoing training to enhance my skills and expertise. During this training phase, I offer a unique approach called "Pay what you can" for my coaching sessions. 

50% of what you pay will be put into a fund that I will use to provide funding for paid and unpaid carers to access my coaching once my full price packages come in to effect.

Please keep in mind that as I continue to develop and refine my coaching skills, the pricing structure may evolve in the future.

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