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It is so lovely to meet you

I am a multi-passionate life coach, helping you design your life

My Name is Jenny

Human psychology and personal development has fascinated me since I was at university, more years ago than I care to admit! Focussing on wellbeing and a positive outlook has helped me through my adult life and I'm so excited to be gaining the skills I need in order to help other people do the same. 

My own journey has been a very eclectic one full of joy and sadness, mistakes and triumphs, and I am as imperfect as I am perfect. 


As well as being multi-passionate I am a mum, daughter, aunt, friend, carer, manager, creator, homemaker, student, feminist.

I believe that everyone is an expert on their own life. That doesn't mean we all get it right all the time, I most definitely don't, but it does mean that you should be directing your own life. I hope that we can work together to make sure that the next chapter of your story is the one you want it to be.

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